Curiosity and wanting to make sense of the world around us come naturally to young kids. The STEM Academy program offers students the opportunity to explore the world through a STEM-based lens.

Join us at Earth Ed for a day of hands-on STEM as young engineers:

  • Squishy circuits – investigate the science of conductors in simple circuits using playdough creatures.
  • Marble run – explore forces and apply this knowledge in the engineering design process to collaboratively create a marble run.
  • Robotics – operate bulldozer dash robots to clean up the rubbish in a robotics challenge.
  • Woowookarung walk – heading into our bushland, this session encourages students to observe, connect, respect and protect our natural environment and cultural and historical heritage.
  • Virtual reality design challenge – using VR, we take you inside the International Animal Rescue sanctuary in Borneo, and then challenge you to design and build a training centre for baby orangutans.

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