Sphero Australis - Coding

Maximum Students: 24* (larger classes will have students working in groups of 3)

Program Times: Weekdays for 90 minutes (or as negotiated)

Sphero Australis is an exciting STEaM outreach program for students to explore, develop and build upon their knowledge of visual coding, the scientific phenomenon of the Aurora Australis and creating digital artworks with Sphero Robots. Earth Ed comes to you with a class set of Sphero Robots and  iPads for 90 minutes of engaging discovery-based learning.

The introduction includes exploring what robots are, how they help humans by performing tasks they are programmed to complete and how they, as the programmer can develop solutions by writing code to complete a task. Students will learn how to connect and control their robot using the app, SpheroEDU, and will learn about directional concepts.

They will explore the phenomenon of Aurora Australis and how the Earth’s magnetic fields and Solar Winds interact to form these amazing light displays. Students will then work in small groups to create a scientifically inspired artwork.