Victorian Curriculum – Years 5 – 8

Maximum students – 24 (*can cater for up to 30 students working in groups of 3)

Program is run as an outreach learning experience at your school. We can run 2 sessions in one day.

Earth Ed provides a wi-fi network to ensure smooth running of the program, students are expected to adhere to their ICT user agreement as they are in a school setting.

3RD Rock is a STEM inquiry program designed to support students in developing questions and understandings around the key concept that the Earth is always changing!

Students are invited to explore the earth through the use of augmented reality and can investigate a range of areas including locations, life, geology, Australia and humanity. They work collaboratively in teams to identify areas of interest and are challenged to find information to share on a digital poster. Once the students have found their facts around their topic, students are then challenged to think deeper by using a question matrix to develop new questions to support deeper learning within their chosen topic.

Key Concepts:

  • The earth was formed billions of years ago, and has been in a state of change ever since
  • Change can be very fast, for example through earthquakes, but is generally very slow
  • The earth is made of different layers
  • We can express and communicate our learning using a range of media