Science Week 2019 – Lunar landing Challenge to Our Frozen World

For Science Week we invited students from across Victoria to participate in a STEM challenge. For Primary schools, students were asked to take on the ‘Lunar Module Challenge’, where they worked through the engineering design process to plan, design, build and test a lunar module to save and egg that was found on the moon! Students from eight schools participated with over 1000 students working as STEM engineers. The feedback from schools saw great student engagement and the demonstration of 21st Century skills such as collaboration, problem solving, team work and creative design solutions. We congratulate all participants and we hope you enjoyed the challenge.

Our secondary students were invited to participate in a student unconference, focussing on ‘Our Frozen World’. Year 9 and 10 students from four schools traveled to Earth Ed where polar scientists, Meaghan Dewar and Nicole Hellessey presented a keynote outlining some of the research they have been conducting in Antarctica and challenged students to look at real, local solutions to help minimise human impact on our polar regions. Stephen Curtain also joined in presenting his videography and experience in working in the Antarctic.

Students worked in small groups to develop a communications plan that they were tasked to take back to their schools to implement an action to reduce human impact and the ideas were amazing. From social media campaigns to movies and more, students demonstrated a real passion for and commitment to making real change in our world. We had a great day and are looking forward to seeing the community action plans being developed and shared across Victoria.

Look out Peter!
Students working through the engieering design process – Napoleons Primary School