The Earth Ed Centre has been designed with sustainability at the forefront of its construction, with the building exhibiting the latest in energy efficient technologies. A computerised Building Management System monitors and controls the centre to continually maintain a comfortable learning environment for students.

The building is equipped with Carbon Dioxide detectors, ensuring that if this level becomes too high, the air quality is restored by automatic louvers enabling fresh air to circulate through the building. The temperature is also regulated with the aid of geothermal-style “labyrinth”, consisting of underground ducts to enable the centre to be more efficiently heated or cooled by utilising the constant 14°C underground temperature as a base temperature to either heat or cool from.

The structure of the Earth Ed Centre is built using Timbercrete bricks made from waste timber and sequestered in a cement-like tomb. The bricks have high insulating properties and also high thermal mass, enabling them to store heat and release it slowly, helping keep the centre warm in winter and cool in summer. While these bricks are already made from recycled materials, the entire composition of the building is made from materials that will be recyclable when the centre reaches the end of it’s life span.

Earth Ed utilises the sustainable energy of the sun to provide for some of its electricity requirements through 4 kW solar panels and a solar hot water system. A rainwater tank provides water for the toilets and showers, with the Building Management System continually monitoring the centre’s usage.