Victorian Curriculum: Grade 1 & 2

Maximum Students: 52 (2 classes)

Program Times: Weekdays 10am – 2pm (or as negotiated)

Due to the nature of this program, at this stage we are unable to offer it as outreach.

Push/Pull provides Grade 1/2 students with an introduction to the concept of force. Whilst participating in engaging hands on experiences, the everyday normal activity comes alive through the lens of push, pull and gravity.

What is force? In this session, students walk into a room filled to the brim with normal, everyday objects     and are asked to label whether it is a push, pull or gravitational force that is at work. Once labelled, students are asked to explain and justify their reasoning. This naturally leads into an ICT activity where students state what they know about forces and list their curious questions about what they would like to know more about.

Games, games and more games! Students delve into the world of games to gain a deeper understanding of the 3 forces we are focusing on – push, pull and gravity. With a plethora of new and familiar games (but brought to life in a bigger way) students learn about the action of force and how it can influence the way an object moves, stops, change direction and shape. With scientific observation and a hint of maths students are to summarise what they have learnt at the end of these sessions.

A new twist on marble run: Taking what the students have learnt in the games session, the students work in pairs to reinforce their new knowledge to create their own game. With a myriad of objects they create a pathway for a marble to travel in a box, ensuring they have push, pull and gravitational forces at work.

Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Demonstrate the process of scientific inquiry and discovery through the playing with  everyday objects
  • Describe how push, pull and gravity is a force
  • Apply current scientific methods of investigation with learning about forcesClassify everyday objects that uses a push, pull or gravitational force and justify their reasoning
  • Appreciate how everyday objects in the students’ lives uses these forces
  • Consider the implications of how forces act on everyday objects and apply this information in a new setting
  • Develop confidence to question scientific theories and begin to ask the questions ‘why does this happen?”

Learning Standards (Australian Curriculum):

Push/Pull demonstrates the learning addressed through the Year 1 & 2 Australian Curriculum standards. In particular, it addresses:

Science Understanding

  • A push or pull affects how an object moves or changes shape (ACSSU003)
  • Exploring ways that objects move on land through water and in the air
  • Exploring how different strengths of pushes and pulls affect the movement of objects
  • Considering the effects of objects being pulled towards the Earth

Science as a human endeavour

Science involves asking questions about, and describing changes in, objects and events (ACSHE034)

Science inquiry skills

  • Respond to and pose questions, and make predictions about familiar objects and events (ASCIS037)
  • Participate in different types of guided investigations to explore and answer questions, such a manipulating materials, testing ideas and accessing information sources (ACSIS038)
  • Use a range of methods to sort information, including drawings and provided tables (ACSIS040)
  • Through discussion, compare observations with predictions (ACSIS214)