Target Group: Year 12 Biology

Maximum Students: 25

Program Times: Weekdays (90 minutes or as negotiated)

This program is offered only as a 1.5hr outreach for 25 students at a time at your school.

In this outreach session, the class will participate in a hands-on look at 6 hominin skulls and life size models.

Students will participate in a brief discussion about fossils and their formation. They will actively measure characteristics of the skulls, make inferences about them, organise them into their ‘correct’ evolutionary order, also organise the life size hominin models into the correct order and then discuss important points about the adaptations of each species.


All content aligns with the VCE Biology Study Design (Units 3 & 4 2017 – 2021)

Key Knowledge: Outcome 1

Changes in biodiversity over time

  • Evidence of biological change over time including from palaeontology, biogeography, developmental biology and structural morphology
  • Patterns of biological change over geological time including evolution, convergent evolution and mass extinctions

Human change over time

  • Major trends in hominin evolution from the genus Australopithecus to the genus Homo including structural, functional and cognitive changes and the consequences for cultural evolution
  • The human fossil record as an example of a classification scheme that is open to interpretations that are contested, refined or replaced when new evidence challenges them or when a new model has greater explanatory power, including whether Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalensis interbred and the placement of the Denisovans into the Homo evolutionary tree.