Australian Curriculum: Grade 5 & 6

Maximum Students: 54 (2 groups of 27)

Program Times: Weekdays 10am – 2pm (or as negotiated)

This program is run at Earth Ed, and has a complementary 1 hour Outreach program which can also be run as a standalone session.

It’s Electrifying focuses on electrical energy by providing students with an engaging hands-on experience while investigating the concepts of electric charge and the flow of electricity in circuits.  The program provides excellent support to Primary Connection’s It’s electrifying unit.

In the Electrical Energy session, students learn about electric charge by investigating the build-up of static electricity using Earth Ed’s impressive Van de Graaff generator. In small groups and using our ‘flying fun sticks’, students discover exciting properties of static electricity.  The concepts of electricity generation and energy transformation are introduced in an engaging way by students providing their own electricity using Earth Ed’s generator bikes.  Students consider where our electricity comes from and develop an awareness of sustainable versus non-sustainable energy sources.

In the Electric Circuits session, students construct their own electrical circuits when investigating and modelling the way electric charge travels in a circuit.  In small groups they work their way through Earth Ed’s circuit challenges to design circuits to solve simple electrical problems.  Students complete the session by designing their own ‘hand steadiness game’ and have fun as they attempt to prevent the electric buzzer going off.

Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Identify that electrons are a negatively charged particle and can transfer energy in an electric circuit.
  • Understand that objects can be negatively and positively charged.
  • Demonstrate that opposite charges attract and like charges repel.
  • Recognise that most of our electricity is derived from non-renewable resources.
  • Investigate the transformation of kinetic energy into electricity.
  • Understand that electricity travels in a circuit.
  • Demonstrate electric circuit configurations to solve electrical problems.

Learning Standards (Australian Curriculum):

It’s Electrifying demonstrates the learning addressed through Year 5 and 6 of the Australian curriculum standards.  In particular, it addresses:

Science Understanding

  • Electrical circuits provide a means of transferring and transforming electricity
  • Energy from a variety of sources can be used to generate electricity

Science as a human endeavour

  • Scientific understandings, discoveries and inventions are used to solve problems that directly affect peoples’ lives
  • Scientific knowledge is used to inform personal and community decisions

Science inquiry skills

  • With guidance, plan appropriate investigation methods to answer questions or solve problems
  • Use equipment and materials safely, identifying potential risks