Suggested Student Level: Grade 3 and 4

Maximum Students: 26 per session

Program Times: Weekdays as negotiated, 1 hour sessions.

This program is offered only as a 1.5 hour outreach for 25 students at a time at your school.

Maths with Dash is an exciting opportunity for students to develop and combine their maths and programming knowledge! Earth Ed comes to you with a class set of Dash robots and iPads for an hour of engaging play based learning for students (and teachers).
Starting with an introduction to what robots are and how we communicate with robots, students quickly move into some hands on activities in partners. They are encouraged to experiment and learn about the abilities of their robot through play, using visual path coding.
Students will then work in pairs to complete 6 challenge mats. These are maths and spatial literacy based and include challenges relating to financial mathematics, location and transformation and geometric reasoning. This is a unique opportunity to make create a hands on learning environment
for students in a maths and technology class!
As a wrap up some students have the opportunity to share what they have learned with the class. This program is a fantastic way to give your students a taste of visual coding, maths and robotics without having to invest in expensive equipment.
Follow up materials are available to assist teachers who are learning about teaching robotics and coding in the classroom.

Key Learning Outcomes:


  • Recognise that humans can control robots though different apps.
  • Understand that humans talk to robots though “code”.
  • Demonstrate that they can ‘control’ a robot through visual coding.
  • Demonstrate that they can use robots to visualise mathematical concepts.