Australian Curriculum: Years 3 to 10

Maximum Students: 27

Program Times: Weekdays 10am – 2pm (or as negotiated)

Due to the nature of this program, at this stage we are unable to offer it as outreach.

Mission Mindstorm is a program that can support schools who might be interested in competing in RoboCup competitions.
“RoboCupJunior Australia is a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local,
regional and international robotic events for young students. 
Teams work in a co-operative and supportive environment in three distinct challenges; Dance, Rescue and Soccer.

The focus of RoboCupJunior is the development of teamwork skills
as well technical skills in an environment of participation, fun and excitement.”  (Robocup Junior Australia Website)

Coding (Programming) is an essential skill for learners of the 21st Century. It teaches students how to solve problems and to work together in creative ways. It helps to develop ‘computational thinking’, in that it supports learners to look at a problem/s, decompose them (break them down), look for patterns, abstraction (look for similarities and differences), and finally develop algorithms (a list of steps to complete the task). Programming helps to build collaborative working skills and processes and promotes innovative and creative thinking.

Mission Mindstorm is designed for students with little or no prior experience with Lego EV3 Mindstorm Robots. Students will have to opportunity, in pairs, to construct their own robot using Lego equipment and instructions.

They then work through a basic tutorial in block style programing, using the Lego Mindstorm Education Software to be able to program their robot to complete a range of basic functions.

Students will then be challenged to imagine and plan a program solution for their robots to work through a number of real-life scenarios associated to the context of autonomous vehicles, including and ADF vehicles in reconnaissance and combat situations and that of assistance vehicles for the elderly or infirmed to complete daily tasks.

Earth Ed support schools to introduce robotics programs into their school curriculum.  Utilising Lego

Key Understandings:

  • A robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to follow a set of instructions.
  • Programmers code the robot in a language the robot can understand
  • Robot systems are designed to help humans and serve human needs
  • Programmers look at real world problems and seek to find ways in which robots can assist humans in solving these problems