Environmental Change Agents Conference


Victorian challenge & Enrichment series

The conference

The 2022 Environmental Change Agents conference aims to give students the tools, skills and power to make effective change on an environmental issue within their community.

Student teams will collaborate over two days to design and create an innovative solution to their issue, and present compelling pitches to stakeholders to inspire action in their community. This is an opportunity for students bring about change on an issue they are passionate about while developing their 21st century skills. Teams will connect with environmental leaders and community partners during the process to extend their thinking and enable their great ideas to be acted upon.

Students will have the opportunity to receive further coaching following the event to bring their idea to life. They will also have access to micro-credentialing for key capabilities including: collaboration, inventiveness, personal agency and problem solving.

Guest speaker

Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla

As a leading expert in the field of recycling science, and founding Director of the Centre for Sustainable Materials Research & Technology at UNSW, Professor Veena Sahajwalla is producing a new generation of green materials, products and resources made entirely, or primarily, from waste. Veena also heads the ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for ‘green manufacturing’ – a leading national research centre that works in collaboration with industry to ensure new science is translated into real world environmental and economic benefits. Veena has been extensively recognised for the innovation and significance of her work, including via election to be a Fellow of the esteemed Australian Academy of Science.

Program outline

Day 1 - Thursday 1 September 2022

  • Welcome
  • Guest speaker: Veena Sahajwalla shares her story
  • Explore and mind map environmental issues
  • Identify your issue
  • Generate creative ideas/solutions
  • Prototype your selected idea
  • Design and testing
  • Reflection and refining
  • Next steps

Day 2 - Friday 2 September 2022

  • Share learning journeys
  • Guest speaker: Veena Sahajwalla – tips and tricks
  • Refining your idea
  • What is pitching?
  • Build your campaign
  • Develop your pitch
  • Pitch to stakeholders
  • Feedback and reflection
  • Next steps and celebration


  • Each participating school can nominate a team of up to six year 7-9 students.
  • This event is only open to Victorian government schools and numbers are strictly limited. 
  • Teams will need a coordinating teacher to attend the event and support the students during the project. Please let us know if you require CRT support.  
  • The conference will run onsite at Earth Ed in Ballarat, 09:00 – 15:00. 
  • Once we receive your registration form we will contact the coordinating teacher with confirmation details. If numbers are reached, you will be offered a place on the waiting list.
Please note: This event is only open to Victorian Government schools. Please ensure you enter your @education email. Only ONE email can be entered into the above field.
Eg: asthma, anaphylaxsis, heart or lung conditions etc. Do not include student's identity with condition.
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