Investigate the role of fire in Woowookarung Regional Park. Head out into the field and gather real time data on the impacts of fire and help build the ESRI database using GIS mapping.

Explore fire and its role within local ecosystems. 

Fire plays a unique part in the Australian landscape. It is used as both a management tool and is also a naturally occurring phenomenon. Both have a significant effect on the flora and fauna of a particular area. Despite Australian’s close relationship with the ‘bush’, fire is not a well-understood phenomenon. 

In this unit students will investigate the role of fire in Woowookarung Regional Park 

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Victorian Curriculum links: 

Year 9 – 10 Science:VCSSU121 VCSIS135 VCSIS139  

VCE Biology:  

Unit 1 – Area of Study 2 – How do living systems sustain life? – Area of Study 3 – Practical Investigation 

VCE Environmental Science 

Unit 1 – Area of Study 2 – How is Earth a dynamic system? – Area of Study 3 – Practical Investigation 

VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies 

Unit 2 – Area of Study 1 – Investigating outdoor environments 

The teaching of this unit will require the educator to tailor the session to the relevant curriculum area. In particular, the difference between the two VCE Sciences and VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies should be understood to inform teaching. Notes are included in this unit guide to assist with this. 

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