Build a smart autonomous rescue robot to help gather intelligence from a collapsed mine. A real life application for robotics using Lego EV3 robots.

Mission Mindstorm is a challenge based learning program where students work collaboratively to build and program an autonomous robot for a mine rescue amymission. Coding (Programming) is an essential skill for learners of the 21st Century. It teaches students how to solve problems and to work together in creative ways.

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Due to the nature of this program, at this stage we are unable to offer it as outreach

Mission Mindstorm is a program that can support schools who might be interested in competing in RoboCup competitions.
RoboCupJunior Australia is a project-oriented educational initiative that supports local, regional and international robotic events for young students. Teams work in a cooperative and supportive environment in three distinct challenges; Dance, Rescue and Soccer. The focus of RoboCupJunior is the development of teamwork skills as well as technical skills in an environment of participation, fun and excitement.” (Robocup Junior Australia Website)


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