Join a STEM design challenge or science inquiry within the context of a picture storybook. Students will work through the engineering design process or scientific inquiry method relating to the chosen book.

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. In Earth Ed’s picture book events, students will be introduced to the design engineering process of imagining, plan, build, test and refine or the scientific inquiry method of predict, observe and explain. Using picture storybooks as a context for learning, students are challenged to apply their creativity, problem-solving and communication skills to a challenge based task.

Books will vary depending on focus but may include titles such as The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka; The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith; Mr Archimedes’ Bath by Pamela Allen; and more.

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Picture Book STEM provides an opportunity to explore a range of STEM-related concepts and skills depending on the chosen text and STEM challenge.

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