Fossil Hunters

Back to the future. Did you know that even Poo can be fossilised?

Fossils give us information about how animals and plants lived in the past. Book our Fossil Hunters STEM in a box to discover more.


Find out about the fastest moving thing on our planet!

Without sunlight, our world would be a dead, dark space. Light helps us to see, but also gives life to Earth. Book our Light ‘STEM in a box’ to discover the science of light.

Dash into School

Experiment with simple, step-by-step procedures to explore programmable devices by coding Dash using a range of apps. You will need to provide your own devices and download the Wonder Workshop app to control Dash.

Makey Makey

Using Makey makey, connect everyday objects to computer keys and get creating! A banana piano, an interactive poster, create a game… there is no end to the possibilities.

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