1.5 hours


Manny Cassiotis



Enzymes that manipulate DNA


In this presentation we will look at Area of Study 2: how are biochemical pathways regulated?

We will look at biochemical pathways like photosynthesis and cellular respiration and how enzymes control the many steps assisted by co-enzymes.


Manny Cassiotis

Manny Cassiotis is a sessional lecturer in the First Year College at Victoria University, Melbourne. He is a VCE Biology, Further Mathematics and Mathematical Methods teacher. Manny remains actively involved in Education and currently works as a Casual relief Teacher in the Catholic Education system as well as the Government one. Retirement continually eludes him!

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We will go over photosynthesis and respiration and look into the role of Rubisco in photosynthesis and C3, C4 and CAM plant adaptations. We will also look into the Krebs Cycle and electron transport chain that maximizes ATP yield.
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