1.5 hours


Scott Mangos & Morgan Colgrave



Contemporary Performance – performance exam


The performance exam makes up 50% of the overall score in VCE Music Performance and you are basically provided with the answers before you walk into the exam room. So how can you best capitalise on that? What tips and tricks have people used in the past? How can you make sure you’ve got everything prepared that you need?


Scott Mangos & Morgan Colgrave

With well over 25 years of teaching VCE Music Performance between them, Morgan Colgrave (Ballarat High School) and Scott Mangos (Mount Clear College) have just about seen it all. From the amazing to the just getting over the line, these two educators have worked with a wide variety of students. As well as teaching, both of these gents are still performing in various ensembles with Morgan playing guitar in surf bands and cover bands and Scott playing anything from trumpet through to sousaphone in ska, big, and brass bands and everything in between.

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