1.5 hours


Alison Howard




This session will provide

  • A brief overview of both Unit 3 and 4 content
  • A break down of previous exams – what have we seen and not seen so far?
  • Advice on revision techniques and how best to prepare for the exam
  • Approaching the exam and how to get through it in the time you have
  • Practice exam questions with examples of both low and high scoring responses


Alison Howard

Alison has been a passionate teacher of VCE Health and Human Development for almost 20 years, and she aims to engage and inspire her students to achieve their very best. Throughout her career, she has taught at a range of government, Catholic and independent schools and has worked in various roles with VCAA. Alison has extensive experience in examination development for various professional bodies, as an examination assessor and as a co-author of the fourth edition of the Cambridge VCE Health and Human Development textbook.

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