1.5 hours


Alison Howard



Unit 3 recap and revision


A comprehensive revision session covering the key knowledge and key skills from Unit 3 Health and Human Development. Past exam questions will be discussed and high achieving responses provided. The main focus of this session will be on the following key knowledge points:

  • health status of Australians and the biological, sociocultural and environmental factors that contribute to variations between population groups including:
    • males and females
    • Indigenous and non-Indigenous
    • high and low socioeconomic status
    • those living within and outside of Australia’s major cities
  • the contribution to Australia’s health status and burden of disease of smoking, alcohol, high body mass index, and dietary risks (under-consumption of vegetables, fruit and dairy foods; high intake of fat, salt and sugar; low intake of fibre and iron).
  • improvements in Australia’s health status since 1900 and reasons for these improvements, focusing on policy and practice relating to:
    • ‘old’ public health
    • the biomedical approach to health and improvements in medical technology
    • development of ‘new’ public health including the social model of health and Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion
    • the relationship between biomedical and social models of health
  • Australia’s health system, including Medicare, private health insurance, the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and the National Disability Insurance Scheme, and its role in promoting health in relation to funding, sustainability, access and equity


Alison Howard

Alison has been a passionate teacher of VCE Health and Human Development for almost 20 years, and she aims to engage and inspire her students to achieve their very best. Throughout her career, she has taught at a range of government, Catholic and independent schools and has worked in various roles with VCAA. Alison has extensive experience in examination development for various professional bodies, as an examination assessor and as a co-author of the fourth edition of the Cambridge VCE Health and Human Development textbook.

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