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Earth Ed

·        Can reallocate or cancel your booking if procedures are not followed or if we are unable to confirm your bookings

·        Assumes that all visiting teachers and helpers have read and understood the code of conduct and information documents provided by Earth Ed, and are aware of their duty of care and supervision requirements for their student group at all times during their visit to Earth Ed.

Code of conduct

·        Earth Ed reserves the right to exclude any participant who impedes the delivery of a program or who acts in a way to put the safety and wellbeing of any other participant at risk

·        Students are expected to follow instructions and stay on task, listen while others are speaking and work productively.

·        Students are expected to respect the environment they are in, the materials and equipment they are working with, and be respectful of others at all times.

·        Students are assumed to have signed a responsible use of technology/devices with their school, and are expected to use Earth Ed devices responsibly and as directed.

·       Teachers are expected to actively participate in the program with their students.

·        Teachers are expected to supervise students at all times, including session breaks.

·        Teachers are responsible for ensuring student behaviour at all times.

·        The teacher in charge or designated teacher of the excursion will carry a mobile phone and a first aid kit, and any required student medications.

·        Schools must adhere to the DET staff/student ratio requirements for excursions (minimum of two staff, plus ratio requirement).

·        Teachers acknowledge that excursions outside the school require the teacher to fully comply with DET guidelines and bring with it an increased duty of care. It is a teacher’s responsibility to be aware of these guidelines and remain the person designated with duty of care. Care and responsibility of students remains the responsibility of the class teacher at all times. Be aware that an incursion with an external provider does not absolve supervision duties of the teacher, including first aid duties. A teacher must be present at all times and remain the person designated with duty of care responsibilities.

General information
Please refer to your booking confirmation email for general information on your visit to Earth Ed and cancellation policy.
Photo permission
Images captured during our programs may be stored and used for Earth Ed publications, social media and advertising purposes. Schools are required to indicate to Earth Ed staff if there are any visiting students/staff without signed photo permissions. Earth Ed is under jurisdiction of the Safe Schools Policy.
Please note

Earth Ed is connected to Mount Clear Secondary College, and falls under their operational guidelines and policies. Mount Clear College Policies

Our cancellation policy is detailed in the PDF below, which will also be emailed to you with your booking confirmation. Please read this carefully.

We hope you enjoy your visit!
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