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Onsite: It is expected that schools arrive on time at Earth Ed for their program. Please ensure this is possible before confirming your booking.

Option A: 09:30 – 13:30

Option B: 10:00-14:00

Outreach: we will contact you to organise session times.

Please note: adherence to the requirements for staff-student ratios is expected when visiting Earth Ed, with a minimum of two staff members attending plus any additional staff required based on excursion numbers


● Visiting teachers are expected to actively supervise, participate and engage in all aspects of a visit to Earth Ed.

● Earth Ed teachers aim to facilitate and enhance the student’s experience at the centre.

● Teachers are expected to supervise students at all times, including session breaks.

● Teachers are responsible for ensuring student behaviour at all times.

● The teacher in charge or designated teacher of the excursion will carry a mobile phone and a first aid kit, and any required student medications.

● Teachers acknowledge that excursions outside the school require the teacher to fully comply with DET guidelines and bring with it an increased duty of care. It is a teacher’s responsibility to be aware of these guidelines and remain the person designated with duty of care. Care and responsibility of students remains the responsibility of the class teacher at all times. Be aware that an incursion with an external provider doe snot absolve supervision duties of the teacher, including first aid duties. A teacher must be present at all time sand remain the person designated with duty of care responsibilities.

● Please notify Earth Ed of any students with special requirements when confirming your booking.


● All adults coming to Earth Ed will be required to sign in and show evidence of a current WWCC or VIT registration.

● It is the responsibility of the visiting school to ensure that all staff and any accompanying people attending Earth Ed have a current and valid VIT registration or WWCC.

● Adults without a WWCC will not be allowed on school premises (Mount Clear College and Earth Ed).

● Earth Ed is under the jurisdiction of the Safe Schools Policy, and all staff possess a current working with children’s check.


● Earth Ed reserves the right to exclude any participant who impedes the delivery of a program or who acts in away to put the safety and wellbeing of any other participant at risk.

● Students are expected to follow instructions and stay on task, listen while others are speaking and work productively.

● Students are expected to respect the environment they are in, the materials and equipment they are working with, and be respectful of others at all times.

● Students are assumed to have signed a responsible use of technology/devices with their school and are expected to use Earth Ed devices responsibly and as directed.


● Students will be given the appropriate amount of breaks.

● Please ensure that students bring all their own food as there is no facility to purchase snacks or lunch on site.


● Earth Ed offers fully subsidised bus travel for Government schools.

● Buses must be booked through Ballarat Coachlines. Earth Ed will book the bus for you and it is the responsibility of the visiting school to finalise details directly with Ballarat Coachlines (T: 03 5335 5300).

● Further details are included in the confirmation email.

● Schools are responsible for informing the bus company of any cancellations or changes to their booking.


● Upon registration, Earth Ed requires schools to book for an approximate number of students.

● Final confirmation of numbers and full payment is required 7 days prior to your visit. After this time no refunds will be given if student numbers change and any additional students will be invoiced post visit.


Earth Ed must be advised of any changes to numbers or cancellations at least 4 (school) weeks prior to the visit. We aim to be flexible, please keep us updated with any changes or issues with your booking. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

● Any school that cancels a booking within four (4) (school) weeks of their scheduled program date will be charged a cancellation fee of $25 per student booked in.

● Any school that cancels within two (2) (school) weeks of their scheduled program will be charged a $100 administration fee plus a cancellation fee of $25 per student booked in.

● Any school that cancels within one (1) (school) week of their scheduled program will be charged a $250 administration fee plus a cancellation fee of $25 per student booked in.

● If you do not notify us of cancellation or change in your booking within 48 hours (2 school days) of your booking, a $500 cancellation fee plus a $25 per student booked in fee will be charged.

● Any costs charged by the bus company to Earth Ed associated with your cancellation or changes will be passed on in full to the cancelling school.

Earth Ed reserves the right to:

● Reallocate your place if we are unable to confirm your booking or payment procedures are not followed.

● Modify program content in line with demand and availability of resources at any time.

● Vary fees for a program, impose administrative charges on overdue accounts or refuse to acceptsubsequent booking requests from schools that fail to pay any due fees or notify us of cancellations.


● We encourage all schools to maintain their own sun smart policies whilst visiting the centre.


Images captured during our programs may be stored and used for Earth Ed publications, social media and advertising purposes. Schools are required to indicate to Earth Ed staff if there are any visiting students/staff without signed photo permissions.


We follow the latest advice and guidelines from the Department of Education; any changes or updates will be implemented accordingly.

We hope you enjoy your visit!
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