Specialist Maths Science Centre

Earth Ed gives students the chance to be immersed in the Earth sciences and emerging technologies

From everyday objects, to the composition of the ground beneath their feet, students will look at their surrounds through a new lens of inquiry after a visit to Earth Ed.

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To engage with you, we have a Q&A section where you can ask us questions relating to Earth Sciences, renewable energies and other STEM questions

Our Principles

  • Innovate

    We intend to continuously implement new ideas, create new learning experiences and improve our educational expertise.

  • Collaborate

    We will work together with students, teachers and community to achieve scientific literacy and create joint learning spaces and experiences that are powerful.

  • Connect

    We aim to bring together students, teachers and community to create relationships where we feel a sense of togetherness and a deepened desire to learn about STEM.

Latest News

Event Bookings Available!

Here are the newest online stars with some information about our new remote learning lessons available for booking now…

First Remote Lesson

Well done Luke on delivering Earth Ed’s very first remote lesson!

Remote Learning Sessions

We are excited to announce online live learning will be available in the next few weeks!