Energy is all around and continually transforms to power the many aspects of our modern lives, but how long can we continue to generate the majority of our energy using non-renewable sources? What are the ongoing effects of our energy generation and energy consumption? What will the future of energy look like?

In this program students are introduced to the importance of Earth’s renewable resources and the major role energy plays in our daily lives. They gain an understanding of how energy continually transforms from one form to another and how we can generate it in a more sustainable manner. 

Students are guided through a series of hands-on investigations on energy generation and energy transformations. Students are invited to work in teams to design and build the most effective and efficient wind turbine using recycled material. They are guided through the engineering design process to test, investigate and improve the amount of energy that can be produced. They will identify variables within the challenge and how these can affect the efficiency of the turbines.

*2 hour session
* local schools only

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