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The team has been very busy developing new mini lessons that can be delivered to your students in their home learning environment via Webex. These programmes are targeted to primary school students in line with the Victorian Curriculum F-6 and are STEM based lessons incorporating a number of subject area capabilities.

Booking information and detailed outlines will be available soon – please keep an eye out on our website and FaceBook page for updates. An overview of our initial virtual programmes is below.

Picture book STEM, years F – 2: join a STEM design challenge or science inquiry within the context of a picture story book. Students will work through the engineering design process or scientific inquiry method relating to the chosen book.

Man made wonders of the World, year 3 – 6: explore key Australian and world man-made landmarks – identifying key features and are challenged to ‘design and build their own man-made wonder’ using materials found around the house or online platforms such as Minecraft or Lego Digital Designer.

Flight, year 3 – 6: a brief introduction into flight using experimentation with paper planes. Using investigation and enquiry we look at what causes lift and steering in planes.

Fossil hunters, years 3 and 4: fossil skeletons and trace evidence allow us to picture what life and creatures from the past may have looked like. Explore what is a fossil and specifically examine what is a trace fossil. Students will be making salt dough fossils.

Mapping, years 1 and 2: explore how and where maps are used before being challenged to create a map of bedroom, backyard, neighbourhood, school yard etc. Students might like to use Minecraft to create a 3D model of space.

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