Feedback from VCE Masterclasses

We have had some great feedback from students who have participated in our recent masterclasses for VCE. We have more coming up so check out our page to book.


“Really helpful! Cannot be more grateful to my school for advertising this masterclass. High-quality content and the exam tips at the start were really helpful, highlighting that performing well in VCE biology comes down to more than just memorising content or doing heaps of practice questions. The use of past exam questions and on the spot Q&A support was really helpful in clearing some of the blurry concepts. The speaker was excellent. Despite it being a Unit 3 masterclass, a reminder of the changes in Unit 4 2020 study design would and what to expect from the other half of the journey would have been helpful! Really liked the overall experience, definitely coming to the Unit 4 masterclass :)”


“Even though biology is the subject I’m having most trouble understanding, the presenter was really good at delivering the information in a way that was very precise and straight to the point!”


“I think there was a good balance between content being covered and time for Questions. The speaker did a very good job of answering relevant questions when they came up and holding on to less relevant questions until the end. Additionally, all of the examples used were relevant, useful and recent which was amazing to see. Overall, it was a very good class that flowed well and covered a lot of important content. Thank you!”

Academic skills

“The masterclass was structured out tremendously. The speaker, Josh held so much wisdom and gave terrific feedback to the comments and responses made from the students. The entire content had changed my viewpoint on writing arguments and I probably now feel a lot more satisfied and confident in my own writing.”


“Absolutely loved the class! I thought all the advice was useful. The speaker was very interactive with the class and answered any questions that I had.”

Photo: Jason Rosewell. (source, Unsplash)

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