Maps can show us streets, whole cities, countries and even our solar system. But they can also show us what we can’t see, what we can only imagine, or how to build something.

Students explore a variety of maps and discover that maps can tell us where we are and where we want to go. We will explore essential map features including a title, compass, scale, grid and key and how these can be used to help us better understand a map. Students are then challenged to create a map of their classroom, bedroom or imaginary destination using all key features.

In this program students will:

  • explain what maps are and how they are used,
  • identify mapping features and their purpose,
  • create a map incorporating key features.


Victorian curriculum links:

Target group:

Maximum students:

Delivery method:

Follow-up activities:

Resources for challenges:

Paper (various sizes are ok) and coloured pens/pencils/textas/
Ruler (for older students)
Access to google maps (for older students if they choose the google maps challenge)

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