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Earth Ed is an engaging specialist science and mathematics facility providing real world Earth Science educational experiences for Victorian students.

Focusing on Renewable Energy, Climate Science, Sustainability and Geology, our programs provide access to specialist scientific equipment, innovative digital resources, and promote a scientific inquiry approach to learning.

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With the help of our new online calendar you will able to see the program avalibilty and book the dates that are best suited. 

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Earth Ed is getting into Performing Arts!


Ballarat theatre company SEAM (Sustainable, Environment, Arts Movement) have written and produced a 50 minutes climate play called Ella's Choice.




Ella is a 15 year old girl living on a dairy farm in Western Victoria. Conditions are harsh, and climate change is making the viability of the farm difficult. So much so, that Ella's dad is considering 'selling the farm'. However, all hell breaks loose when he tells the family of his plans. Some of the themes of the play include - bush fires, rising sea levels, floods and droughts, food miles and of course, climate change. 

The play is being offered as a Year 9/10 outreach program - we come to you!

The play runs for 45 minutes, and the actors (3) only need a small space to perform. Ideally, the play is performed in front of 2 - 4 classes (up to 100 students). Teacher resources are available to help move the play into the classroom. 

For most state schools, there is no cost to the students. For private and catholic schools, there is a charge per student. 

The play is available between 10th August - 4th September / 5th October - 23rd October. 

For more information - go to - Programs - Ella's Choice.

Ella's Choice is sponsored by Acciona Australia & Bank Australia.