Venture into Woowookarung regional park and engage in genuine fieldwork. Analyse sites for fire risk and compare primary and secondary data using data science principles.

Fire plays a unique part in the Australian landscape. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that has influenced the evolution of flora across the country. It has also been used as a management tool for tens of thousands of years. Despite Australian’s close relationship with the bush, fire is not a well-understood phenomenon.

Students will investigate the role of fire in Woowookarung Regional Park. The park is subject to regular fuel reduction burning due to its proximity to Ballarat.  Students will collect a range of data across two areas within the park, each with a different time since its last burn. Once the data is collected students will analyse and visualise the data using graphing software and generate discussions on fire’s effects on the ecology of the park.

In this program students will:

  • conduct field work using quadrants 
  • work with specialised science equipment
  • explore the ecological role of fire in the Victorian bush
  • evaluate primary and secondary data.

Please note that this program takes place predominantly outside in all (Ballarat) weather. Bookings are generally only taken for terms 1 and 4.

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Fire Ecology

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