Outreach Programs

Year level:

Be a rock detective and explore how rocks are made and classified.
Get charged up whilst exploring electricity. Create a range of circuits and see if you can master the 'mouse trap challenge'.
Explore energy transformations and determine the different types of change occurring through hands-on inquiry. Learn about fossil fuels and their impact on our world and what alternatives are available with renewable energy solutions.
Observing and measuring various hominins, investigating our own human evolution through accurate life size models and skulls.
Explore how PEM electrolysers and PEM fuel cells work, their current and potential future uses in society while comparing their benefits and costs with other alternative energy sources.
Explore and develop student knowledge of visual coding and robotics as they navigate through a dinosaur park.
Have a blast in this exciting outreach program! Students will use 21st century problem solving and collaborative skills to design, engineer and launch a water rocket.
Learn visual coding and use your math skills and strategies in a robot battle.
Be a robot controller. Students explore how robots are controlled and take on a range of challenges.
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