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From everyday objects to the composition of the ground beneath their feet, students will look at their surrounds through a new lens of inquiry after a visit to Earth Ed. Earth Ed stimulates students through engaging, real-world experiences. It’s programs aim to inspire and encourage students to pursue STEM-related careers.

Our Programs

Earth Ed offers an array of onsite and outreach programs to schools across Victoria

Remote Lessons

Earth Ed offers a range engaging STEM programs delivered directly into any classroom via our dedicated remote studio.


The VCE Masterclass series supports students across Victoria to attend virtual sessions which strengthen study skills and offer techniques across a range of study areas.


Earth Ed’s vision is to empower STEM communities, including students, teachers and the wider school and local community.



The landscape of Earth has been formed over millions of years and is under constant change. Some of those changes occur so slowly that you might not even know it is even happening!
VCE Biology Unit 3 AoS2
Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), where machines are not just programmed but learn and adapt on their own! AI and ML are cutting-edge technologies that empower computers to analyse data, recognise patterns, and mimick human cognitive functions to make intelligent decisions.
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