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Put on your lab coat and become a scientist as you explore physical and chemical changes and solve the mystery substance challenges.
VCE Chemistry Unit 2 AoS2
Embark on an epic construction and coding adventure as you create a Lego EV3 Sumobot, ready to outsmart and overpower your opponent in a sumo showdown!
The landscape of Earth has been formed over millions of years and is under constant change. Some of those changes occur so slowly that you might not even know it is even happening!
Explore the power of earthquakes working as an engineer, seismologist, and geologist. Will you be able to escape the quake?
VCE Biology Unit 3 AoS2
Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), where machines are not just programmed but learn and adapt on their own! AI and ML are cutting-edge technologies that empower computers to analyse data, recognise patterns, and mimick human cognitive functions to make intelligent decisions.
Venture into Woowookarung regional park and engage in genuine fieldwork. Analyse sites for fire risk and compare primary and secondary data using data science principles.
Nothing captures our imagination more than the dinosaurs that once ruled our planet. Become a palaeontologist for a day as we discover the secrets of past life on Earth.
Explore electrical energy in static and circuit form.
Do you have what it takes to design the future of humanity on Mars? Learn skills to design a space hub for life on the Red Planet using SketchUp then visualise your design with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
What is plate tectonic theory and what implications does it have for planet Earth?
Australia is one of the most energy hungry nations in the world – what are the ongoing effects of our energy generation and energy consumption? What will our future energy look like?
Everything we use in our day-to-day lives, from computers to dinner plates, contain mineral resources - but what are minerals and where do they come from?
Curiosity comes naturally to young people. The STEM Academy program offers students the opportunity to explore the world through a STEM-based lens.
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